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. >> he passed every test because he does not take epo. yes, he will. >> my defense was that i have passed every control you have given me. that's true. the samples that were given were clean. >> reporter: lance's great tragedy was he couldn't see the difference. he couldn't see the borderline between where the sport ended and where real life began. >> much of armstrong's life today centers around trying to keep what he has left. three major lawsuits including a fraud case brought by the u.s. department of justice seek to strip him of more than $100 million. >> do you talk to him anymore? >> the last time i communicated with lance when i let him know the film was going to be called the armstrong lie. >> reporter: how did that go over? >> not so well. >> reporter: itch his reputation stands a chance at any redemption it will likely take a while. >> people don't like that truth as much as they like the beautiful lie. that's a hard thing for lance to accept. because he found much more affection in telling the beautiful lie than the ugly truth. >>> our thanks to neil karlinsky, who followed ev
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1